Dr J. Peter has written numerous self-help guides as accompaniment to programs conducted by Personality Matters. Some of them have now been made available to public. Click on the book covers to purchase them through Amazon.com.

In this book, you will learn about how DEMS – a lifestyle framework integrating diet (D), engaging activities (E), mindfulness (M) and sleep (S) – can help you regain control of your life when the going gets tough.

Depression, anxiety and stress are no strangers in today’s world. Studies have found that attending to your personal well-being in your daily life can prevent your mind from being flooded by the troubled waters of depression, anxiety and stress.

Stories and fairy tales are powerful forms of communication. They inform, influence and inspire. They can also be therapeutic. They show us different ways of problem-solving, and ignite our imagination to possible outcomes we can work towards to.

This book provides handles and insights on how the Ko Mun-Yeong stories, as seen in Netflix’s It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, can facilitate healing from our past hurts and emotional wounds.